Softie Softie

Softie Softie (started in April 2021, firstly supervised by Lucas de Groot in summer 2021 at FH;P) is a Softie. A fragile, strong, alpha wrestler. Undisciplined, unholy. Like a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in it.

Language support
Western Europe, Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, South America

Stylistic Sets and Stylistic Alternates
A license includes several alternative glyphs including seven stylistic sets.

Student Projects
If you’re a student, you can buy fonts with an educational discount and use them for your student projects. As long as the project is a school-based, non-commercial project, you’re good to go! After you finish your studies, you can keep using the fonts for student projects that started when you were a student. If you want to use the fonts for a client project, your client needs to buy their own license. Students pay a symbolic price of 20€, please get in touch.

Printed Matter
With a desktop/print license you can install the fonts on all of your devices and use them to create printed and digital documents, merchandise, signage, editorial videos, social media posts and similar things. If you want to use it for a logo/wordmark you’ll need to buy a logo/wordmark license.

With a web license you can use the fonts on any number of websites, servers, domains, as long as they’re all controlled by your organization.

With a logo/wordmark license you can use the typeface to create a logo or wordmark for one brand. If you want to use it for another brand you’ll need to buy another license. You can use that logo or wordmark everywhere.

Licensing Agreement
By using one or more of the fonts available on this platform, you accept the terms of the licensing agreement. If your use case exceeds the available licenses or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Free Trial
Download your free trial here.

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Student Projects
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Softie Softie

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